Friday, August 12, 2016

America's Sonneteer

Sonnets from our higher consciousness 

These 15 sonnets are decasylibic and have 
an ABCDEF-FEDCBA-GG rhyme scheme.
The theme of this series is a wake up call to
America and the whole world in general.
Written in 2016 in USA, Enjoy.

“If we don’t destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.”
Carl Sagan


There’s never been a summer quite like now,
To bask beneath the sunshine we once had,
There’s never been a better place so dear,
To plan a fam’ly heritage of love,
And factory the future strength of youth,
Leaving behind this planet made of earth,
The cradle for our sons and daughters birth,
To learn whats right from wrong and learn the truth,
From our ill past and start to rise above,
The savage wars we humans keep so near,
That blatant hate that turns our goodness bad,
And we humans are slaves to it somehow.

There’s never been a summer quite like this,
To rise above our bottomless, abyss.


Waging wars and killing human beings,
Should stayed a dark practice of our ill past,
Yet still remains a practice in our day,
Like thirsty animals for human blood,
We kill each other in the name of God,
Who watches from above with perfect eyes,
That see all things of truth and bitter lies,
And watch while mankind to their own death trod,
Embracing evil and forsaking good,
For lusts and pleasures where the whores now lay,
While darkness his ill shadows on them cast,
Hiding the light that sees all hidden things.

Raising our consciousness is harder done,
Than making black, our bright and shining sun.


When atom bombs fall from majestic sky,
And cities disappear with billions dead,
The end of mankind with no doubt will come,
And hot earth will be a barren waste land,
Then God will weep for man, His children lost,
When no ones left alive on planet earth,
And no more dying and no more new birth,
The world cleansed from sin but at what cost,
Was not meant for mankind to understand,
Grim reaper smiles to tally up the some,
While heavens host in mourning bow their head,
The angels never knew the reason why.

Mankind will kill himself no mystery there,
With no one left to live, no one to care.


Drugs and alcohol make mankind stupid,
And blind to the truth he never thinks of,
And now we’re building more nuclear bombs,
Since every country wants one of their own,
And when they get one, are more aggressive,
Until such time that their aggressions blow,
Then hell breaks lose on earth, foe against foe,
The death toll rises, the sum is massive,
Mans bones are everywhere, bones stacked on bones,
With no one left to take them to their tombs,
All hate is gone, but also theres no love,
Which ran away from hate and kept well hid.

Do you now see the problem that we have?
Nothing to hope for, and nothing to save.


Mankind cannot survive nuclear war,
His suicidal tendencies are real,
And takes as many with him as he can,
Until there’s no one left to kill themselves,
Now this poses a problem for mankind,
Who thinks he is invincible, a god,
But gods who kill each other rather odd,
When you consider gods are hard to find,
Unless you keep some sitting on your shelves,
Like overlords who rule ignorant man,
These gods will laugh at you, your faith to steal,
While leaving mankind always wanting more.

Man’s gods will not protect him from his end,
That man alone, his soul, cannot defend.


A thousand commercials loop in their heads,
Who watch their TV’s believing the lies,
Distractions are meant to hide all the truth,
Subliminal messages make us want,
And the more we want the more we must have,
An endless cycle of lust and of greed,
While innocent children lay there and bleed,
But all of their blood, their souls cannot save,
Who died much to young, should come back to haunt,
All those who killed them in their fairest youth,
Now life is less sacred, that’s no surprise,
To kill children, all snuggled in their beds.

Man has no future to save nor to keep,
That even the children’s loss, cannot weep.


Today a mass shooting in Orlando,
Fifty dead and fifty three were wounded,
An act of terrorism we are told,
The largest we have had in USA,
The first of many more that will follow,
According to this poets prophecy,
Islamic terrorist’s with no mercy,
Their hearts an empty place cold and hollow,
Who take their anger out, on those are gay,
And those who are week, still those who are old,
And those who are innocent confounded,
About the hatred these Muslims now show.

As ISIS marches to the temple mount,
We watch in horror, the dead that we count.


Ice caps are melting, the water rises,
As mankind sits back and denies the truth,
Challenging science whose math cannot lie,
While beaches lose ground and sea cliffs erode,
And waterlogged cities sink in the mud,
While man swaps his address for higher ground,
Start looking for snow which cannot be found,
As mankind gets scorched, the sun boils his blood,
Then man with his nukes punch in the launch code,
A suicide planed in hopes he will die,
Escaping the wrath of his childish youth,
That he reluctantly compromises.

There is no escape from mans early death,
To curse his demise, with his own last breath.


We the people of the United States,
Tried to form a better perfect union,
Full of hope and peace for a bright future,
Where everyone could pursue happiness,
But something went wrong in utopia,
When we were then invaded by Japan,
Forced us to build and drop the bomb on man,
Which caused a panic, such hysteria,
That those who survived which such emptiness,
Died later from their hearts hidden fracture,
From fallout is this poets opinion,
The meaning of it, open for debates.

Awake America and watch your end,
Unfold before your eyes, what you intend.


What you intend America is wrong,
Stockpile and sell all your evil weapons,
No matter who gets hurt or countless dead,
You kill and let be killed for your profit,
That makes you darker than those whom you kill,
You preach and defend your democracy,
In the name of your God, you lack mercy,
And consciousness which you cannot fulfill,
That higher state of man that you omit,
Kept in a shoe box underneath your bed,
Like something barley used, it’s use depends,
On mankind singing his most conscious song.

The music of which mankind seldom got,
Those chords of peace that man, has long forgot.


Jesus, was the first Christian born on earth,
The messianic savior of us all,
And Buddha was the first meditator,
Did meditate his way up to heaven,
Muhammad was a prophet worrier,
Did fight his way to heaven as they say,
And Joseph Smith, a prophet his own way,
Lead his Mormon wife’s, ill or in error,
The Jews, the laws of God, first were given,
Reject Jesus for his imitator,
While AntiChrist will rise before the fall, 
To trick the world from their holy birth.

And while all this takes place, mankind is blind,
To see the truth, he nevermore will find.


Ill greed and selfishness are always here,
Man cannot sustain life on this world,
And little by little, will fade away,
Like dying stars that once lit the night sky,
Will nevermore be seen once they are gone,
Then who will cry and bewail his own life,
When none are left to mourn their bitter strife,
That no one claimed as victory, nor won,
The final suicide, all life will die,
When heavens bright hues turn to night from day,
With our bright sun in darkness, rolled up furled,
Make all the stars run quick away in fear.

Mankind is gone who leaves his God alone,
No more creation, no more flesh and bone.


We could destroy the earth in six minutes,
And leave it just a burning memory,
Of what we once had in those fairest years,
Save that none will be here to remember,
Since there will be no life left here on earth,
Only the gods in heaven will remain,
To look down on our earth burning in vain,
That never understood it’s own self worth,
Since it’s people, dead in their blind slumber,
Woke up to find themselves with bitter tears,
But much to late to gain eternity,
And live forever without ill regrets.

To late though are man’s actions making change,
As atom bombs, their cities, rearrange. 


“Why can’t we use our nuclear weapons,?”
Is now what Donald Trump has been asking,
While running for President, USA.
Jesus, what piece a work Donald must be,
But worse than that are those who vote for him,
Who also vote to use nuclear bombs,
Come on come on now lets fill all the tombs,
With all the bones of those who died in grim,
From Trump like humans void of true mercy,
Making the poor, for their hard living pay,
To all the wealthy scum who would be king,
Who teach the art of greed, to all their sons.

God help us now from men, their evil deeds,
Who lead us down the path, that ever bleeds.


Don’t turn a blinded eye to all our wars,
And what you cannot see, will not hurt you,
No more are you a child, now grown up men,
Yet out of touch with life’s realities,
Which masks the cliff that you are heading for,
A bent denial that your end is near,
If you don’t wake up now from healthy fear,
About your road to hells nuclear core,
Wake up, wake up or lose eternities,
Chance to propagate the stars with children,
By tearing down the old to build the new,
A city floating through the distant stars.

That carries mankind to his future bright,
The shining beacon, of his righteous light.


Angel De Fuego
copyright 2016

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From the Sonnets Of Lilith


I heard the angels singing on that day
When you made me from dust and morning dew
For him was I created sexy me
Then all at once in Eden I then stood
The garden of my sadness and my joy
Where I first saw your face and heard your voice
And where I learned of sex my first rejoice
When making love to Adam that hard boy
And even when I'm not quite in the mood
His touch burns my skin most passionately
Then all to soon he rises and is through
To leave me alone with that snake to play

I want to run away and hide from him
Who makes the act of making love seem grim.

Angel De Fuego
copyright 2007

Lilith was the mythological
first wife of Adam.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Michael And The Dragon

Michael and the Dragon

This poem has an ABAB-CC rhyme scheme
and is iambic pentameter.

They met upon an earthly battleground
Between hell and the great city of God
No men nor creatures there were to be found
They had no shields their feet with nothing shod

The angel faced the dragon all alone
The dragon bronze with steel he had for bone

For this was not an ordinary beast
Nor like the other dragons men had fought
For this dragon was Satan at the least
And at the most all evil had begot

There was no other dragon like this one
Could fly to heaven and swallow the sun

The battle started when the dragon roared
And leaned his foul head back to take a breath
Then breathed his fire at the angels sword
That the divine held between him and death

The angel then leaped forward with a shout
And struck the dragon hard upon his snout

So then the mad beast whipped around his tail
Thinking that he would strike the divine down
But the angel was strong and not so frail
To let the dragon take him as a pawn

Mean while the angel upon the ground laid
To trick the dragon and his weakness jade

The dragon thinking the angel was dead
Approached him then to see if it were true
The angel then slowly turning his head
Then struck the dragon on his face anew

This time he cut the dragon neath his chin
Which made the dragon fierce with rage again

So he breathed out more fire at the angel
Who blocked the flames with his sword as before
Reflecting back the fire at such angle
To burn the dragons chin already sore

The beast stepped back roaring in his pain
Knowing full well the angel had the gain

The dragon spoke "Would'st thou O angel take
Away my life with just thy tiny sword?
When'er I stomp my feet the earth doth quake
Of earth and hell I am the only Lord

Fall on thy knees and I will spare thy life
If not I'll burn thee and thy tiny knife".

The divine answered "O thou beast from hell
Prepare to die within thine own hot flames
I am the Archangel known as Michael
I know thy weakness and I know thy games

I've fought thee before and I let thee live
Save this time death to thee his sting shall give".


I will add more later.

Angel De Fuego copyright 2002

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Proverbs


These Proverbs have an (ABAB) rhyme

Scheme, and were written in 2002.

These are the Proverbs of Angel De Fuego

(Angel Of Fire) He is a son of God and seeker of

wisdom and truth.

A wise man's house is his neighbor's comfort

But a fool's dwelling place is cold and dark

A wise man labors without an effort

But a fool must struggle to reach his mark

Don't go into the house of those who sin

Speak loudly God's message from the outside

Then if they listen and invite you in

Then go in with them then and be their guide

But if they hide and refuse to listen

Then never again stand outside their gate

And do not write them letters with your pen

For it's both you and God whom they all hate

God's home is in heaven and in your heart

But not in all the temples where you live

Some temples are by Satan set apart

To teach his evil ways his worship give

Do not go into temples of evil

Which from the outside look as though not good

Inside you will only find the devil

From the outside you'll see him drinking blood

You all know who the Archangel of light is

And that he will be bound and cast in hell

For now he remains out of his abyss

To accuse you to God on you to tell

Be aware of the false light of Satan

Though bright don't use it as a guiding light

For its whole purpose is to stumble man

To lead him off the path of doing right

Do not walk the road heavily traveled

Both to and from your workplace and your home

For on that road the wicked are revealed

To be the only ones to go and come

Instead walk paths in valleys and on hills

It's best to take the long way and not sin

Than walk the road where each his neighbor kills

When in the game of life he doesn't win

My friend look for wisdom in all God's work

For there you will find her hidden in truth

But in all men do foolishness does lurk

From in the oldest men down to their youth

God punishes men for their evil way

For not seeking wisdom in all he does

They run from truth and refuse to obey

Their sin is the same as it ever was

Consider the animals of the field

They do not care for wealth or a long life

They do not argue their thoughts are concealed

They walk while grazing the land without strife

Man is an animal but with hard speech

His tongue is like a sword to pierce the heart

And to the very soul his sword does reach

Of those he hates but loves to cut apart

Pity the man that becomes the victim

Of such harsh words he falls down as though dead

For nothing but God's love will revive him

And for a season will remain in bed

If you hate a man do not reveal it

For you will hurt him worse than with a sword

Instead go to God to calm your spirit

Confess your sin and then trust in the Lord

My friend do not associate with those

Who live for themselves and do evil things

They do not produce fruit their evil shows

They are their own rulers and their own kings

Take a lesson from your Mother nature

Who brings forth life upon the spinning earth

Inside her womb does live every creature

That Father God appoints to have a birth

She does not lie or steal from Father God

She has no pride she obeys all God's words

He rules her with a steel and heavy rod

Over her head He appoints kings and Lords

She's happy just to be Mother of all

Yet she can not bring forth a human soul

She answers God whenever He should call

She drinks His seas and lakes from golden bowl

She argues not with God her creator

She never shakes her fist at God above

She never asks the Lord to give her more

She knows God's anger and she knows God's love

Upon her clouds the Lord does ever ride

Her lightning flashes and the Lord thunders

When He comes every creature runs to hide

But she does not hide from His great wonders

Upon her great mountain the Lord does come

He gave Moses the ten commandments there

She always knows from where the Lord comes from

And when He calls her name she knows from where

Friend be like the earth from which you were made

Praise and fear the Lord your God and Maker

Be like the earth who always has obeyed

Don't be prideful or think you are greater

Like her we are but water and raw dust

Depending on her from which we get food

On God to feed us through her we must trust

That every food we get from her is good

Yesterday and her darkside yesternight

Fills the empty halls with cries and laughter

But when fair truth has come to shine her light

We see it but as dreams come long after

Upon the foundations of truth is built

The houses of the wise and righteous men

But on the foundations of lies are guilt

And shame surrounds the house where sin has been

What's true needs no explanation nor proof

To stand alone against besieging lies

She fights each battle fought against her truth

Until her enemy gives up or dies

No man stands against truth and lives to tell

He quickly waxes thin and disappears

His body back to dust his soul to hell

His friends are left holding his darkest fears

Truth never had a birth nor beginning

She has always been she'll live forever

She sits beside the Creator and King

They rule as King and Queen both together

To see life from a diff'rent perspective

You can use reverse imaging to view

Life from a diff'rent angle relative

To what you saw before you see it new

Modeling and reverse engineering

Coupled with formula thinking as well

Can guide you through with understanding

From largest galaxy to smallest cell

What is thought at the atomic level?

How does thought work what are its mechanics?

Man is below angels but for a while

In man's soul are found God's own genetics

At the atomic level of a thought

Can be found an ethereal cosmos

Neath the same formula a star is brought

From nonexistence to the bright it shows

So too a thought is formed just as a star

With each new star radiogenesis

The travel of photons from a quazar

To form the information synthesis

Information collects to form knowledge

Just as photons travel to earth from stars

So too what's learned or not learned in college

Has a direct effect forming quazars

Quazars and stars within the human brain?

Two models under the same formula?

To analyse such things we do for gain

But to ignore them's less than trivia

There is more truth in life's symbology

Than in the flesh and bone of life itself

Cycles of seven and in groups of three

Life can be stacked on symbol's hidden shelf

Symbols have formulas like stars and thoughts

They can be modeled by reverse image

Reverse engineered down to nuts and bolts

And remade as symbols of a new age

Neath same formula are many models

The larger models and the smaller ones

From astrophysics larger planet cells

To physics of the atoms and glueons

Friend do not run from such a blatant truth

Stay and embrace the possibility

That all of us from age'ed down to youth

Have always lived we are eternity

Does it not say in the Holy Scripture

That we are alive by the breath of God

He gave his breath past present and future

To all humans though they be bad or good

God's same breath which never had beginning

Now lives inside of every one of us

The very breath of Christ Himself the King

To raise man to His higher consciousness

What happens inside a gravid black hole

That can not be deciphered with the eye?

Light moves through the pupil of the eyeball

Through blackest black darker than the night sky

Into the brain of a conscious being

Who then perceives the light reflected from

Things or an image that being's viewing

Giving perception as the photons come

What if black holes were but massive pupils

Through which light travels from its galaxy?

Neath same formula into our scruples

To God's mind channels the light it does see

The universe is inside of God's mind

Black hole pupils iris galaxies

The windows to His soul where you will find

All nano seconds all eternities

Inside the soul of God you will find love

The endless giving as the sun does give

Its light to warm our bodies from above

Models and formulas with imaging

Can give us more understanding of life

Exploring every angle of a thing

Its peace and joy also its pain and strife

Look at the science of Miracle Arts

A craft less practiced than held in great awe

To break it down into its smaller parts

Is to the analysing of its law

The laws governing Miracle Arts are

Enough faith to do the impossible

A need to push the natural laws too far

Without God's permission are doable

Enough faith is the most important key

To walk on water changing it to wine

To move a mountain or wither a tree

To work as a god through the undivine

A need to push the natural beyond

The normal state wherein the laws function

Outside the normal state to which they bond

To an abnormal state and conjunction

Without God's permission the laws of sin

Work by their own free moral agency

Likewise the laws of miracles fall in

under their free will coached by tendency

Enough faith is obtained through its practice

Just as an artist practices his art

Perfecting his art through his own device

Until made perfect throughout every part

A need to push beyond a normal state

Is always present in our normal life

Accessible by which the laws relate

To such a need to change to joy a strife

Without God's permission miracles work

By virtue of the fact we still can sin

Just as time still exists without a clock

Regardless to what state that time is in

Friend do you understand my point of view

When writing about imaging and laws?

About modeling that which sheds a new

Light on all things thinking through formulas?

Can you see the relationship between

A well organised mind and righteous soul?

If not the truth still remains to be seen

How much God and we have the control

Shall we continue to explore the mind

Or have we journeyed far off wisdom's course?

To search the universe our souls to find

Or shall we return to a wise man's house?

A wise man's house is his neighbor's refuge

But a fool's dwelling place calamity

A wise man for himself does not indulge

But a fool gorges himself completely

What is beyond ordinary wisdom

Then falls into the category of

A higher state of thought inside God's Kingdom

That's governed by the laws of hate and love

And love and hate are governed by the laws

Controlling the system of our free will

Which operates without imperfect flaws

Regardless to the life we birth or kill

And the laws which now govern life and death

Are laws by which our dual free will is made

The same laws which all formulas are neath

That rule all things which law and chance pervade

Take a single law modeled in 3-D

Rotate it in your mind analyse it

I will tell you exactly what you'll see

You'll see every angle the same facet

A law can never change it stays the same

As God Himself which laws He created

Without His laws you can not play the game

Of life to which every law's related

How does all this relate to miracles?

You ask yourself what's this poet saying?

My lines speak of life's eternal circles

Made square by faith and all laws obeying

Now let's explore the rules of opposites

To better understand how all this works

If we cut up opposing laws to bits

Even as small as that of tiny quarks

Each piece of the opposing law would sit

Perfect in its opposing law that's cut

As if pieces of diff'rent puzzles fit

Perfect as does a bolt fits in a nut

Do you think it's just by coincidence

There is the fair flower which slowly grows?

Pleasing to the eyes and with sweet fragrance

It should be we have two eyes and a nose

Friend two is the code of transmutation

Up down in out left right off on yes no

These are examples of opposition

Through which the laws of miracles must go

So then to create miracles you must

Have knowledge of the nature of all things

Synthesized to faith formulas and trust

Which all the necessary changing brings

And don't you know that all of you are gods

Put below the angels for a moment?

So what do you imagine are the odds

Against a god to change what nature sent?

Or do you believe we have no powers?

Then you are wrong yes power we do have

When we return life to dying flowers

Just like the Lord our dying souls does save

Then underneath that formula we too

Can change all natural things with our power

Through power in our souls these things can do

Or mighty God Himself is a liar

For He said we could even wither trees

If we could have enough faith to do it

And cast large mountains even into seas

Having enough faith within our spirit

Yet why should we do miracles like those

When there are other things more important

Like winning souls to God when Christ they chose

When you led them away from the serpent?

Then when is the right time for miracles

Like withering trees or raising the dead

If not when we need more powerful tools

To wither Satan raising them from bed?

Now do you understand what I have writ

Within the meter of my simple rhymes?

Or maybe you would like to discuss it

With friends or with yourself a thousand times?

Or should we go back to the beginning

Before we launched our ship and set our course

When laws were simple not some twisted thing

To go back again to a wise man's house?

A wise man's house is very hard to find

But the fool's resting place is everywhere

A wise man doesn't chase after the wind

But a fool runs after it without care

Now let's talk about this grand illusion

Of separation between us and God

We must eliminate separation

With all its hard long road which we now trod

And doing so become one with our King

Our Lord and God Creator of our soul

So that our hearts with joy and gladness sing

Having arrived to God which was our goal

It's wrong to think with God we are not one

For He Himself has told us that we are

Even as He is one with Christ His son

We should shine brighter than the brightest star

The illusion of separation is

Done with smoke and mirrors by the devil

But God sees us as perfect one of His

But we see ourselves as hopeless evil

So if we truly are one with the Lord

Then we also sit with Him on His throne

And when we speak we speak His ev'ry word

We're flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone

Then how hard should it be to have His faith

To heal the sick and even raise the dead

To take a worthless soul and give it worth

And wear His crown of thorns upon our head?

Therefore we must do away with the thought

And the illusion of separation

To instantly become one with God who bought

And paid for our souls through the Christ His son

There isn't time left to toy with the doubt

That keeps us from the Godhead that we are

Now is the time we all must turn about

To become one with Christ the morning star

Although this is just poetry to some

Others as the truth also do see it

Knowledge and the gathering of wisdom

To fill the needs of our hungry spirit


© 2002 Angel De Fuego